Dried Mixed Fruit

KLUTH bag mixed fruitsexample 200g bag

Quality: Mixed fruit, dried, sulphured (except for plums)

Ingredients: Plums, apricots, pears, peaches, apples

Naturally, the Herbert Kluth Company uses the same excellent quality in its mixes as in its individual products. For the quality and origin of plums, apricots and apple pieces, please see individual article descriptions.

Pears: we use: Argentinean, choice medium
Peaches: we use: South African, choice medium

For plums, apricotsand apple pieces, please see information under the individual article descriptions.

Description: Pears
Main Areas of Cultivation: Argentina, South Africa, Australia, China
Argentina: delivers excellent quality with respect to taste and cleanliness. The pears are noticeable for their regular shape.
Quality: Quality/Size: choice large - standard large Choice medium - standard medium Unsorted

Description: Peaches
Main Areas of Cultivation: South Africa, Australia, China South Africa and Australia deliver excellent quality with respect to taste and cleanliness.

Ideal as a snack in-between meals, for use in baking, boiled up together with rice pudding or for preparing a fruit soup.