Under the KLUTH brand we deliver high quality groceries for maximum pleasure and a balanced diet since 1928. Our extensive product range of nuts, snacks, dried fruit, ingredients and organic products provides comprehensive variety and always the best quality – because only the best quality is good enough to be branded with our company logo. We provide many products in different packaging sizes from 20 grams to 1 kilogram – that way both families and single households will find the best possible fit to their need in our range. For those who enjoy an active lifestyle we offer nut fruit mixtures under the brand “Fitfood”, which provide a surplus of energy for physical performance and brain work. You can find tasty recipes and more interesting background information about our products on our detailed product information sites on this homepage. Comprehensive information about nutritional values, ingredient lists and other notice can be found on our product packaging or in our online shop (www.kluth-shop.de).