Bio-SiegelSnack, nibble, or cook with Biofarm from KLUTH Bio-Siegel

Biofarm offers you an extensive product line of nuts, dried fruits, and raw snacks of organic quality. This includes, among other things, the only available organic salad topping mix..

For extensive product information like e.g. nutrition panels, preparation tips and RDA values, please click on the corresponding product image or description.

Bio Products from KLUTH  
Organic Apricots Bio Banana Chips
Organic Banana-Chips Bio Banana Chips
Organic Cashewnutkernels Bio Cashewkernels
Organic Cranberries Bio Cranberries
Organic Dates Bio Dates
Organic Gingerpieces Bio Gingerpieces
Organic Pumpkinkernels Bio Pumpkinkernels
Organic Nutkernel-Mix Bio Nutkernelmix
Organic Brazil-Nutkernels Bio Brazil Nutkernels
Organic Prunes Bio Prunes
Organic Pinekernels Bio Pinekernels
Organic -Roman-Hazelnutkernels Bio Roman-Hazelnutkernels
Organic Salad improver Bio Salatimprover
Organic Sunflowerseeds Bio Sunflowerkernels
Bio-Trail-Mix Bio Trail-Mix
Organic Sultanas Bio Sultanas
Organic Walnutkernels Bio Walnuts