Roasted Cashews

KLUTH Beutel CashewkerneExample 100 g sachet


Sometimes, less is more! Only the best KLUTH cashew nuts are gently roasted for the new Roasted Cashews. Our Master Roaster selects the perfect balance between temperature and time to give the cashews that special KLUTH roasted flavour. Simply irresistible.

When does the product go into the bag?
All products that arrive on our premises undergo an in-depth quality control inspection before they continue on to processing and packaging. Inspection includes sensory evaluation, in which the products are assessed for size, appearance, taste, smell and consistency. In addition to the internal inspections we also have our product quality regularly tested and confirmed by an independent food laboratory. Products must comply with specific criteria to ensure that they truly the quality standards set by both us and you. Only then can products enter our KLUTH bags. $

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