Cereals of KLUTH

To spoil the beloved ones or oneself in a culinary way, you should only use best quality ingredients from KLUTH. From crunchy toppings to rich seeds and grains, the range offers a broad selection of natural food products. Anyone seeking a balanced diet will find the right product for him or herself: for example with our products millet seed, flax seed or buckwheat for a gluten-free diet.

Cereals of KLUTH Merchandise Information
Blue poppy seeds
Chia seeds  
Green rye  
Pumpkin seeds, green, without shell Link to Merchandise Information
Maize semolina, fine (Polenta)  
Popcorn-Maize Link to Merchandise Information
Cane sugar, unrefined  
Salad improver  
Sesame seeds, peeled  
Sesame seeds, unpeeled  
Sunflower seeds, shelled Link to Merchandise Information
Pearl barley  
Tomatoes, sun-dried & halved Link to Merchandise Information