Cashew Kernels, raw or roasted and salted

KLUTH Beutel Cashewkerneexample 200g bag

Quality: 320, whole kernels

Origin: India, Vietnam

Description: also called Cashew nut, Acajou nut

Main Areas of Cultivation: India, Vietnam, Brazil, East Africa

Quality: (in pieces per 1 lb. = 453.6 g)/ 320 and 450, whole kernels/ unsorted whole kernels/ discolored kernels, unsorted - pieces

The cashew tree, originally from South America, not only provides the cashew nut, but also the cashew apple, a fleshy, swollen reddish-yellow fruit from which the nut hangs. The apples can be eaten fresh or made into jam or juice.

Before customers from all over the world can enjoy the cashew nut, a number of different processing steps must be taken to make the raw nut into the final product. First, the raw nuts are roasted for 3 to 5 minutes. Then, the extremely hard shells are cracked by hand and the nuts are freed from the seed skin. All these different steps are predominantly done by hand today.

Cashews make an excellent snack, regardless of being roasted and salted or natural. They have a mild taste and are refreshing in hot climates. The cashew is also an essential ingredient in the rice and noodle dishes of Asia. Ideal as an ingredient for several wok-dishes.