Whether it’s nuts, dried fruits, snacks or ingredients – at KLUTH only selected quality gets into the bag or cup. Since 1928 we are distributing high quality groceries for a balanced diet and maximum pleasure. As an owner-operated company we go for maximum quality out of tradition: because only the best is good enough to be worthy of the name KLUTH. Thanks to both internal and external quality audits at regular intervals we guarantee our consistently high standards. That is why we let the DLG test a representative selection of our products on a regular basis. The high standard of our internal processes is verified by yearly IFS audits with certifications always stating best results.

With our state-of-the-art roasting facility we are capable of producing innovative and unique snacks. Two prime examples for our roasting and finishing skills are our Cashews Mango-Vanilla and Almonds Cranberry-Sesame. Besides these snack specialties we also roast and process classics as our Nut Mix (roasted & salted) or Salt-Pistachios ourselves. At KLUTH we utilise a modern roasting technique with low temperatures for an extra gentle roast. That way we ensure that the fine flavour of different nut kernels can develop perfectly – a difference you can smell and taste.