Education in childhood, the building blocks for enlightened living.

Family-owned businesses are engaging in sustainable education measures in the field of nutrition.

A balanced diet among children promotes good learning. Corresponding information about foods, where they come from and how to prepare them is the material for exciting, real-life learning and provides the important building blocks for a healthy lifestyle.

With this in mind, CARE-LINE Bildungsprojekte GmbH has worked together with its partners in the food industry to develop the "Einfach clever essen" ("Simply clever eating") knowledge platform. "Einfach clever essen" is a quick and vivid source of information about how to prepare an engaging lesson about nutrition. A wealth of information, free child-friendly teaching materials and up-to-date knowledge about nutrition – all this is packaged together in the platform. The content and study materials have been prepared by specialist companies from a wide range of subject areas with the scientific guidance of teachers and researchers. Answers to questions such as "Where do good foods come from" or "How do I eat right?" are clear and vivid and parents are engaged as well by including topics such as "healthy snacks" and "the ideal breakfast".

Starting in January 2018, KLUTH is the newest partner of the "Einfach clever essen" platform, covering the area of nuts, dried fruits and seeds. KLUTH has extensive knowledge about energy-rich, international natural foods and is the perfect choice for vivid, exciting but understandable teaching material.

"We think "Einfach clever essen" is a great opportunity to teach children as young as elementary school about what healthy eating is all about", says Marketing Manager Sven Schenkewitz.

In addition to KLUTH, the companies VILSA (mineral water), ALB-GOLD (Spätzle and pasta), Valensina (fruit juices), Kölln (oats), Breitsamer (honey) and Andechser (dairy products) are already on board with "Einfach clever essen".

For more information, please visit www.einfach-clever-essen.de

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