KLUTH Cashews receive "The Double"

11 gold awards speak for themselves: the premium quality of KLUTH products has been confirmed once again this year by the DLG. All 13 products tested were in the range of good to very good. Overall, KLUTH was recognised repeatedly with the price for long-term product quality. Products were reviewed in particular for their sensory characteristics – i.e., appearance, consistency, smell and taste. Packaging and labelling were also checked, and chemical and microbial analyses were included in the evaluations as well.

The KLUTH cashews were distinguished with the "double pack" in this year's DLG awards: last year, their exceptional quality was already recognised by the Öko-Test magazine with the "Very Good" distinction. In addition to the mono-product format, the Trail Mix and Fit Food Berry Nut Mix won over the testers: the mixes contain both the top quality cashews and other top quality KLUTH ingredients such as fruity grapes, almonds or hazelnuts.

Next to the regular internal and external testing we do, the DLG awards represent another key components of the quality assurance measures KLUTH is committed to. The extremely positive results are the reward for successful and consistent realisation of the high standards for quality at KLUTH.
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