Pecan Nutkernels

KLUTH Beutel Pecannutskernelexample 200g bag

Quality: Junior Mammoth Halves

Origin: USA

Description: also Hickory nut

Main Areas of Cultivation: USA, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, India

Quality: / Mammoth Halves (200-250 pcs/lb.), Junior Mammoth Halves (250-300 pcs/lb.) down to the Topper Halves (650-800 pcs/lb.) / large to small pieces, chopped or ground

High quality nuts are large and regular fruits, whose brown skin should be undamaged. Their taste is mild, aromatic and sweetly spicy. The Native Americans valued these nutritious nuts as a delicacy. Today, the USA is the main producer of pecans with over 80 % of the world production.

Pecans are ideal for baking; they are particularly suited for fine cookies and cakes. Lightly roasted, they are a delicious addition to granola, desserts and ice creams and as a snack. They also go well with piquant dishes. A favorite pecan dessert in the USA is pecan pie.