FIT FOOD Protein Mix

KLUTH bag Fitfood Snacking Power Mixexample 15g bag

Fit Food Mixes by KLUTH are perfect for anyone who likes to enjoy life actively. Our Fit Food Protein Mix has a high vegetable protein content from nuts and soya beans. Protein helps to build and maintain muscle mass, as one of the essential building materials of our muscular system.

If you want to reduce or eliminate animal protein in your diet, you can compensate with protein from vegetable sources. However, the quality of this protein is important. Many of the essential materials needed by the human organism are not found in plant-based proteins or are only present in small amounts (with a few rare exceptions). Soya is one of the few plant-based foods that contain the amino acids needed by the body, which improves the quality of its vegetable proteins.

The Fit Food Protein Mix is a source of vegetable protein suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets and much more.
Enjoy this mix as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. The Fit Food Protein Mix is great for occasional snacking or as an energy boost after training.

When are our ingredients bagged?
All ingredients delivered to us are subject to rigorous quality control before processing and packaging. This includes sensory testing to evaluate their size, appearance, taste, smell, and consistency. As well as internal inspections of ingredients, our quality levels are regularly inspected and approved by an independent food laboratory. Our ingredients must satisfy certain criteria to ensure that they truly meet our quality standards. Only then are we happy to add them to our KLUTH bags.

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