Dried Cranberries

KLUTH bag cranberriesexample 125g bag

Origin: North America

Description: Dried, sweetened cranberries

Main Areas of Cultivation: North America, Canada

Sweetened, dried cranberries contain fruit solids and therefore have a positive effect on our health. The fruits have not been treated with sulphur and are free from added colourings. Apart from their pleasantly acidic flavour, the ruby-red berries are known for their general health promoting properties. The North American Indians valued the medicinal properties of the cranberry, which due to its flower shape was called the "crane berry". They also used the fiery red berry juice with its natural disinfecting properties as a healing and preserving agent. Today, the berries are known for their many important vitamins and are recommended for reinforcing our immune system. Regularly enjoying cranberries reduces the risk of urinary tract illnesses and reduces the danger of cavities and gum disease.

Cultivation and harvesting:

In May, the new flowers begin to grow on the long vines which spread out across the ground. From mid-June, the pinkish-white flowers begin to open up. After three to six weeks, the flowers start to fade and tiny green nodes begin to show, which then grow into cranberries over the course of the summer. After 75 to 100 days, the berries will be fully grown. The berries are harvested between mid-September and the start of November. Today, farmers use two different harvesting methods: the labour-intensive dry harvesting method and the less labour-intensive wet harvesting method.

Dried cranberries taste particularly good as a quick snack when you’re on the go, with granola and yogurt or with fresh fruits. They can also be used to add a subtle touch to a wide range of main dishes or desserts. Juicy cranberry muffins are extremely popular and can be found all over the world.