Brazil Nuts

KLUTH Beutel Brazil Nutsexample 150g bag

Quality: Medium and large

Origin: Bolivia

Description: also called Para nut

Main Areas of Cultivation: Brazil, Peru, Bolivia

Quality: Large, medium, small, midgets Broken nuts pieces

Wild Brazil nut trees grow irregularly between other trees of the rainforest, and are found mainly on the banks of the southern and northern tributaries of the Amazon river. The Brazil nut grows as one of 20-30 seeds, contained in a single woody capsule, similar to the coconut.

The capsule fruits don’t originate from plantations but are collected in nature. They are picked up from the ground and brought to collecting points. The nuts are cracked by hand and sorted. Harvest time is from November to March. Apart from a high content of proteins and fat (up to 70 %), the Brazil nut has a very high content of minerals (magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc), compared to other nut varieties.

Most often eaten raw as a snack or in mixes (such as trail mix). Information about the ingredients of each product you can find under www.kluth.com and interesting facts (nutrients or minerals).