Back on the shelf – KLUTH Bali-Cashews

Snack and do good is the motto of the KLUTH Bali-Cashews because you support local farmers in Indonesia with every purchase of the unpeeled, roasted and salted cashews.

“We launched the Bali-Cashews in 2020 as a limited special edition. Now, thanks to positive customer feedback, the product is coming back permanently to our range,” says marketing manager Sven Schenkewitz.

The original Bali-Cashews are the only cashew nuts on the German market that are still covered in their natural thin skin. The origin of the KLUTH Bali-Cashews is the small Balinese village Desa Ban. The local workers harvest and open the cashew nuts manually and with great care. Afterwards the nuts are roasted and lightly salted.

The project not only offers sustainable working opportunities to the local farmers, but also supports social projects in the village.

For more information please visit kluth-bali-cashews.de.

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