Fit Food Relaunch

KLUTH presents its trend brand, Fit Food, in a new look and with a new variety!

Aerobics, biceps, crunches – the fitness alphabet is constantly changing! Society is changing too. The trend towards more sports and power training is obvious every day. Because effective training only works when combined with a proper diet, KLUTH is offering snack mixes with "functional added value" under its Fit Food brand.

Every Fit Food mix has its own nutritional characteristic and the related health benefits. With an eye-catcher on the front and the corresponding health claim on the reverse side of the bag, consumers are informed about the contents of the mix and how these ingredients are good for you.

KLUTH developed the Fit Food line more than 15 years ago as a trend brand for a young, active and athletic target group. The new look presents the range as "informative and vital". Striking colour-coding lets every shopper quickly identify his Fit Food product on the shelf. The different colours match the taste differentiation and sends a signal to help foster impulse purchases.

The "Quality from KLUTH" banner guarantees that Fit Food contains only premium quality ingredients. The four Fit Food mixes are available in 150g flat pouches and 75g Doypacks.

You can find detailed information and ingredient lists for our 4 power packs in our Product Information section:

  • Power Mix
  • Vital Mix (previously Berry Nut Mix)
  • Sport Mix
  • Super Mix (NEW!)

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