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New in our natural food range: Chia Seeds

Azteks and Mayas have used them more than 4000 years ago as a vital part of their diet. They are protein-rich, have a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids and deliver valuable dietary fibre. We are talking about Chia Seeds, a product that KLUTH added to its broad range of natural food products in July 2015.

Chia is 100% herbal and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. But everyone else will also welcome the concentrated amount of nutrients. The seeds can be used as a topping to garnish salads. When soaked in water the seeds expand to a gel and develop their filling effect – for example as a ingredient in cereals oder joghurt dishes.

With the new product KLUTH extends its comprehensive range of cereals and seeds with another interesting novelty. Chia Seeds are a sought-after product in healthy diet trends and are a natural food that is suitable for anyone who wishes to eat vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or according to Paleo guidelines.

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