From fruity to crunchy!

Attention cranberry fans! In addition to our existing product „KLUTH Cranberries“ (these are cut in pieces and primarily used as an ingredient for cooking or baking) we have now introduced a new dried fruit product: Snack-Cranberries in a 175g-bag consist of whole fruits and have a softer and more juicy taste than the cut berries. They taste heavenly sweet with a fine hint of fruit acid. And thanks to its added sugar, it doesn‘t need any sulphur or other preserving agent - that makes our Snack-Cranberries the ideal Snack or fruity ingredient for your daily bowl of cereals!

Discover our new Snack-Cranberries in this fine mixture with crunchy nut kernels: „KLUTH Trail Mix without Raisins“ - brand new and uniquely delicous! The Snack-Cranberries give this mix its wonderful fruity note; a blend of pecan nut kernels, cashew nut kernels, almonds and peanuts with a fine roasting aroma makes this new assortment of nuts and fruit a special KLUTH-pleasure.

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