„Very good“ for KLUTH cashew nut kernels

For its issue 09/2014 the German magazine „ÖKOTEST“ asked its labs to test 24 products of the categories nut kernels and oilseeds regarding freshness and harmful substances. Four random samples of each cashew nut kernels, hazelnut kernels, almonds, pine nut kernels and sunflower seed were selected. The Ökotest-Jury made an objective rating based on existing guidelines and threshold values. Under the aspect of precaution, even stricter criteria were used in some cases. The editorial office writes:

“Just products, which convinced with their quality and freshness, and at the most showed traces of problematic substances, can receive a “very good” from us.”

The KLUTH cashew nut kernels received the grade „very good” from Öko-Test. We are pleased with the outstanding test result and see the premium standard of the KLUTH brand as a whole once more confirmed.

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